An Intrinsic Love for The Craft

Attention to detail from capture to frame

All of my work is original, photos, editing, printing, and framing are all my work. Photos originate in state of the art cameras, prints are on fully archival exhibition grade canvas or paper, from a high resolution state of the art printer, using pigment based ink akin to acrylic paints

From the event to framed image, the greatest care is taken to ensure the finest quality artwork.


Fine Art Photography

Capturing Terroir Through the Lens

My life long mission as an artist and photographer has been to bring high art to the medium of photography. In a medium known for its detail and editorialism, I create surrealism. In a medium currently dominated by exaggerated color and special effects, I bring subtle use of color.

All images are of real moments in time. I do not composite images or ‘photoshop in’ elements to fake a scene. There are no models or staging involved. Just me wandering and watching and waiting.


Images of Life and Soul

Virtually all of my images have a living, breathing soul involved. Whether human or other animal, they are captured in a moment of their life, in their environment.  

I do not manipulate my surroundings when working. My method is stealth invisibility.  These subjects don’t think of themselves as an element in art, but they are in my world.